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Loop Lines is a great, easy to learn, difficult to master, puzzle game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The goal is to build a line of five or more loops or doughnuts to remove them from the board. To move a loop from one field to another simply tap on the loop (it will start rotating), and then tap on an empty board field you can move to.

Loop Lines is almost like three games in one since it comes in three game variations:

  • Classic. There is no time limit and you get three new pieces after each move that did not produce a line
  • Time Limited. New loops will drop down after a time period. The higher the level the faster they come. You can also speed up the timer by taping on it.
  • Classic + time Limited variant is the combination of two and is most likely the hardest one.

With all the game variations, beautiful graphics and great playability Loop Lines will become one of your favorite puzzle games on the iPhone/iPod touch.

Free version is also available and is limited to first five levels of each game variation.

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