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An innovative application allowing you to control a basic computer functions using almost any internet connected mobile or desktop device.


Start and stop services, reboot the remote computer, perform simple telnet functions and more - all using any internet connected device. It supports PocketPCs, WML and HTML devices like Palm, web enabled phones and almost any other internet connected device.


Mobile Administrator will give you the power to control your computers from anywhere, using almost any Internet connected device that fits into your pocket.


  • Highly optimized for slow wireless connections
  • Accessible trough any network connected device
  • Easy to use PocketPC client.
  • Enhanced security features including usage of your existing SSL support installed on your web server.
  • Works trough your firewall without opening new ports (Web Bridge application must be used)
  • Perform most critical administrative tasks from anywhere, any time.

Mobile Administrator client Devices

  • Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Phones are supported trough HTML or WAP/WML protocol. In order to use your phone with Mobile Administrator you will have to have web enabled phone connected to the Internet.
  • Palm OS devices
  • Palm OS devices are supported trough HTML or WAP/WML. In order to use your Palm with Mobile Administrator you will have to have an HTML or WML browser installed on your device and have a connection to the Internet.
  • Pocket PC (Windows CE)
  • Pocket PC is supported trough HTML browser already installed on your device. In addition the Mobile Administrator Client for Windows CE is available for download FREE of charge. Click here to find out more about Windows CE client for Mobile Administrator.
  • Any other connected devices
  • All other devices including desktop computers can access Mobile Administrator simply by using their browser and pointing it to the address and port number of the server.

Mobile Administrator Web Bridge is now included with the server installation and can be found inside a folder where Mobile Administrator server is installed. Modules for CGI, Win-CGI and Apache for Windows are available.

This CGI application will allow you to access Mobile Administrator Server trough port 80 (standard HTTP port) even if you are running your web server on the same machine as your web server. In addition it will allow you to control multiple servers trough the same port and enable you to use your current SSL Web Server security.